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We can imagine that the information on this website leads to questions or remarks from your side. We encourage you to get in touch with us, but not after you have checked the information in the section with FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It might very well be that the answer on your question is already listed on this page and that an e-mail to Online Casnio’s team would be unnecessary. Therefore, we first kindly ask you to have a look at this list before you decide to send us an e-mail.  If the list with FAQ is not sufficient, then you should contact us.

You can contact Online Casnio on nearly everything and if you have an important matter that should also be discussed on our website, then this is possible. But be aware of the requirement and condition in the disclaimer. The disclaimer already indicates the topics we can and will dealt with and the topics which are out of our control and not within the range of actions we can perform. If you have a question that is not on the FAQ list and does not conflict with the disclaimer, then you are free to send us an e-mail.