Disclaimer Online Casnio

Every website needs a disclaimer
Online, there is only one rule that every website that contains certain information should obey. And that is the rule that a disclaimer is always useful and necessary, in order to prevent customers from forcing liability upon the website in the case of incorrect information. So, Online Casnio definitely needed a disclaimer, in order to limit the possible remarks, questions and other information that should be shared with customers. Therefore, we made a list on what we actually do and what you can and cannot except from us. Below, you’ll find the list with definitions.

1)      First, Online Casnio is an intermediary between you and the online casino that you are willing to play at.

2)      Second, we do not offer any games or casino software, but solely the information on the different games and the different casino’s.

3)      The information on this website was checked thoroughly before the website was presented to the public. However, the information might be outdated, incorrect or incomplete. For neither of these problems, mistakes or missing information, Online Casnio can be held responsible. We cannot bear any responsibility on the degree of completeness and rightfulness of the information on this website.

4)      Online Casnio is not responsible for the games that you play, even after you have started to play in an online casino that is listed on this website. We cannot repay your losses, cash out your winnings or make sure that you are able to withdraw your money. All responsibilities on these matters remain at the online casino’s listed on this website.

5)      No rights can be claimed in accordance with the information about bonuses on this website. Not the information on this website is leading, but the information on the websites of the different providers of the casino games. We do check the information, but we cannot guarantee that the information is correct.

6)      To conclude, we offer solely the information on the websites and the Online Casnio’s that might become your preferred place to play. We cannot be held responsible for any of the actions and requirements made by these casino’s, neither for the game play and other developments.

If you have any questions concerning this disclaimer or if you need our help in case of a conflict between you and a online casnio, feel free to contact us via the page dedicated to contact.