Online Casnio Bonus

Bonuses at the 888 Casnio
This paragraph discusses the different bonuses that have been made available by the 888 Casnio. We already warn you: there is a tremendous amount of different casino bonuses available at the 888 Casnio and therefore it has not been possible to name all the options that are there for you. But, and that is something that is very important to both you and all other players at online casnio’s: the bonuses that have been offered at 888 Casnio have always been good. There is now a major package of bonuses waiting for you.

These bonuses are granted after you’ve made a first and/or second and third deposit. In total, the bonuses could add up to the very nice amount of over €900. This does not include bonuses for regular playing or bonuses granted after you’ve won a nice share of the prize pool in certain games. No, all these bonuses are granted after you’ve made a couple of deposits. Also, there are still bonuses available at 888 Sports or 888 Bingo, making the bonus arrangements at least triple.


Bonuses at the Europa Casnio
The Europa Casnio also offers a great amount of bonuses to the casnio public. Independent from other bonuses offered by one of the many online casnio’s, Europa has made a very large bonus available. Not only is the bonus very large, the bonus is also available to everyone who wants to start playing in the casnio. So, of what does the bonus consist? The bonus consists of a monthly 100% bonus with a maximum of €100. This means that you get to collect a total reward of €1200 on a yearly basis.

But that’s not all, because there is also a bonus available next to the monthly bonus. This is a weekly bonus that ultimately could add up to €100 per month. This bonus is on a weekly basis €25, so if you make 5 deposits a month, with a minimum of €25 each, you could collect a bonus of €100 plus the monthly 100% bonus. Next, there is a reward system, which makes you collect points and hand them over for nice prizes and interesting stuff. The Europa Casnio offers very good bonuses, for all that are willing to deposit and benefit form their options.

Bonuses at the Spin Palace Casnio
The Spin Palace Casnio is fully dedicated to online gaming in its most beautiful way. You start to play immediately after you’ve selected the download casnio or the flash casnio. Due to the enormous number of different slots and video games, Spin Palace has a lot to offer. As an extra to this already excellent offer, the Spin Palace Casnio also offers nice bonus arrangements for all those that consider to play in the online Spin Palace Casnio. The bonuses are split between a bonus for the first deposit and a bonus for the second and third bonuses.

Even consecutive bonuses can be awarded, adding up to the unimaginable figure of €1000 maximum. The bonus for the first deposit, in many cases a landmark for a player that starts to play in an online casnio, is somewhere around €150. This is the maximum of the bonus, which is awarded in the form of a 100% bonus above the first deposit. The second and third bonus depend on the money you are willing to spend during the first weeks after you’ve started to play. In the long run, all bonuses could add up to the figure as it is presented in the lines above.

Bonuses at the InterCasnio
In the InterCasnio, all transactions are processed in dollars and so are the bonuses as well. Therefore it is interesting to see that the bonuses that one could collect at the InterCasnio are for a great amount much higher than the bonuses that could be collected in similar casino’s but only in Euro’s. This means that this online casnio made a big deal out of their bonuses and considers it very important what happens with these bonuses. We could say that the bonuses, as they are offered by the InterCasnio do mean something for the regular and new players of this casnio.

The bonus for the first deposit, a landmark bonus for all those who start to play at an online casnio, is very high. It comes in the form of a 100% bonus with a nice and very high maximum: $225. This means that, once you’ve transferred the amount of $225 to your real money account, you could start to play with not less than $225 at once. A nice amount and definitely something you might want to start out and try all your favorite casino with. The wager requirements are also quite flexible, so there is nothing to wait for!

Bonuses at the JackpotCity Casnio
The JackpotCity Casnio. One of those casnio’s that have been there from the very beginning and that have been active for many years now. The JackpotCity Casnio is mainly dedicated, as one might expect, to winning a huge amount of money in one of the many progressive jackpots that have accumulated over weeks or even months. So, what is better than to start with a nice extra sum of money when you are at the online casnio? And what is better than the ‘free’ money that is usually included in a casino bonus?

At the Jackpot City Casnio, all is possible. You’ll find the best and even better bonuses at this casnio. The first bonus that you might collect, is a bonus for the first deposit. This bonus could be €300 and this makes the bonus a very nice extra for those that want to try and win one of the biggest and best jackpots. The second bonus could be well above €200, after you’ve made a first deposit. This bonus can also be used for an attempt to win the jackpots as they are presented on the websites. Be aware; your chances of winning increase rapidly!